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Joe Riis Book Signing

Friday, December 15th  4:30-6pm

 ~ Joe will be singing his book "Yellowstone Migrations"


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Kathy's Pics

Kathy's favorites for the month are:

"Cold Wind" by: C J Box
The next installment of the Joe Pickett Series will be released on March 22.  It's another great read.
Joe's father-in-law, Earl Alden is found dead, strung up on a wind turbine, and all evidence is pointing
towards his mother-in-law, Missy as the killer.  Joe and Missy have never pretended to like each other,
but feeling some pressure from his wife, Joe is reluctantly trying to clear Missy's name.   The wind
turbines prove to be an interesting backdrop.  I never reallized there was any controversy surrounding them. 
It was an eye opener.  And you can't have a Joe Pickett story without Nate.  He is still in hiding and has
a parallel story going on. 

"Heaven is for Real" by: Todd Burpo
Pastor Todd Burpo is telling the true story of his 3 year old son, Colton's 3 minute trip to heaven, where he meets
Jesus and angels and family members that he never knew existed.  It's a quick read, only 163 pages, and I believe that 
even the skeptic will have a hard time dismissing this little boys experience.  If you've lost a loved one or had a miscarriage
or wondered about the reality of heaven, you will find comfort in this book.  Colton can even show you the face of Jesus.
Who isn't curious about that?
Cold Wind Cover Image
ISBN: 9780399157356
Availability: Special Order
Published: Putnam Adult - March 22nd, 2011

Heaven Is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back Cover Image
ISBN: 9780849946158
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Thomas Nelson - October 31st, 2010