Can Smart Pasaload to Other Network? Quick Guide 2022

So, can Smart Pasaload to other network?

What is Pasaload Smart. This service allows the network subscribers to share their load as low as P2 to other network users, TNT, and Sun numbers. The service offers a convenient way to load your account when loading stations are closed or not within your location.

How do I Pasaload on TNT?

Option 1: Pasaload Smart credit Text PASALOAD SMART OR TNT NUMBER AMOUNT to 808. For example to send P20 text PASALOAD 09198596537 20 to 808. Text PASALOAD SMART OR TNT NUMBER KEYWORD to 808. For example to send a GIGA STORIES 99 promo text PASALOAD 09198596537 GST99 to 808.

Is TNT and Smart load the same?

How to PasaLoad in Smart and TNT in 2 Easy Ways. There are two simple ways to perform the pasaload with Smart and its sister telcos namely TNT or Talk N Text. Both postpaid and prepaid subscribers have a similar process. Perhaps, the only difference is the amount limit that the two can transfer.

Can you Pasaload Smart?

Now you can pasaload to any Smart or Smart BRO Prepaid subscribers with your PLDT myHome account!

Can Smart Pasaload to other network Related Questions

Can I send Smart load to GCash?

“Convert” Smart Load to GCash To share your load via this feature, simply open your mobile phone’s text application. Type PASALOAD<11-digit number> and send to 808. For example, if you are sending PHP 100 load to the number 09203223449, just type PASALOAD 09203223449 100, and send to 808. That’s it!

Can I share a load from Globe to TNT?

You can Pasaload as low as Php 2 per transaction. The sent load has a set validity period, depending on the amount. Take note that you cannot send load credits from Smart to Globe and vice versa. This means sharing of load is only between Smart/TNT to Smart/TNT and Globe/TM to Globe/TM. Dec 6, 2020

How do you transfer a load?

If you previously registered a PIN for Share-A-Load, simply text Amount PIN and send to 2 + 10-digit prepaid number of the recipient. For example: 100 1212 send to 29161234567. But if you didn’t register a PIN, just text Amount and send to 2 + 10-digit prepaid number of the recipient.

How do you Pasaload in the Philippines?

How to send load to the Philippines? Enter the Philippine prepaid number (country code +63 has already been entered) you want to send load to with Fonmoney Philippines. Choose one of the Load amount options. … Pay quickly and safely with credit card at Fonmoney Philippines for your prepaid load. Click enter.

Can Smart Pasaload Globe?

Sadly, the answer is no. You can’t directly pasa load from Smart to Globe at the moment. You can only sell your Smart load to another Smart user and then use the money to buy Globe load.

Does Smart Pasaload expire?

The one-year validity period applies to regular load denominations only. Once a certain load amount is used to register to a promo/package or sent via PasaLoad, the validity period of that promo or PasaLoad transaction applies to the used amount.

What is the USSD code for Smart?

Smart Prepaid users only need to remember to key in *121# on their mobile phones to check out and avail of existing prepaid services that suit their mobile lifestyle. Access to this service is free of charge.

Can I convert Smart load to cash?

The Load2Cash app converts your prepaid load to cash from any network that supports direct carrier billing such as Globe and Smart.

Can I convert Smart load to Paymaya?

For Smart Money account holders transferring money to Maya, go to Smart Money SIM Menu and select “transfer”. Select “others”. Enter the amount, your WPIN, then click SEND. *There is a 1.5% charge for every successful Smart Money to Maya transactions.

Can I convert load to cash?

You need to download first the Load To Cash app from Google Play Store. After downloading, open the application and it will ask you to login. If you don’t have an account yet type your Email and your preferred Password. On the main page you will see the Total Converted Load you have on the app.

How do I transfer credit from one phone to another?

On your phone keypad type *100*mobilenumber*amount# you want to transfer #. For example, if you want to send AED 5, you have to simply dial *100*05XXXXXXXX*5#. After you have transferred the credit to another Etisalat customer, you will be asked for a confirmation for your transfer.

How can I transfer STC to STC?

STC to STC Credit Transfer STC allows its customers to transfer credit from one STC line to another. … Also Read: Useful STC Service Codes in Saudi Arabia. Dial *133*recipient number*amount# and press the call button. Example: *133*0552565765*10# Send text message *133*recipient number*amount# to 900. More items… • Nov 17, 2021

How can I send load to Philippines from UAE?

How can I transfer data and credit internationally? Dial *100# and follow the instructions. Dial *100*international number# and follow the instructions. Text the international number to 1700 and follow the instructions.

How do I send an international load?

How to Buy International Load Step 1: If you have enough funds, go ahead and Open your app then tap on Buy Load. Step 2: Select your country. Step 3: Enter the mobile number then choose the amount of load you’re buying. Step 4: Review your purchase then Slide to Send!

Does TNT sim card expire?

Card Validity The value of the Smart Prepaid, TNT, and Smart Bro Prepaid call & text cards must be used up within 365 days (1 year) from the date it was loaded into your account.

How do you know if TNT SIM is expired?

The Subscriber’s TNT Prepaid SIM card will be PERMANENTLY DISCONNECTED: (1) if the SIM card remains unactivated or unused until the indicated expiry date written on the SIM packaging, or (2) if the activated SIM card has zero load balance for at least one hundred twenty (120) consecutive days.

What is TNT code?

Text PROMO CODE DESCRIPTION SEND TO TP10 Unlitext to TNT, Smart and Sun + 10 mins. Calls to TNT and Smart + 50 all net text 3545 TP20 Unlitext to TNT, Smart and Sun + 30 mins. Calls to TNT, Smart and Sun + Unlimited Facebook access 4545 TRI15 Unlitext to TNT, Smart and Sun + 10 mins. Calls to TNT and Smart 4545 27

What is the * 143 of Smart?

Dial *143# on your phone and press Call. Enter number 7 for Balance Inquiry, then press Send. You will receive an onscreen message showing your current balance, free texts, and load validity.

How many times can I Pasaload?

The pasaload amount plus the ₱1 (one peso) transaction fee will be charged on top of your monthly service fee. There’s a cap limit to how much load a Smart postpaid subscriber can transfer in a month. This is to prevent possible fraud and abuse. This cap limit automatically refreshes every first day of the month.

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