How do I check my TNT balance? Quick Guide 2022

So, How do I check my TNT balance?

How to Check Your TNT Balance Text ? 15001 to 214. Wait for an SMS indicating your remaining prepaid balance.

How do I check my load balance?

How to check Globe load and data balance Related. Step 1: Open your device’s “Dialer” or “Phone” app. Step 2: Dial *143#. Step 3: You shall see your Globe remaining balance on the top of the list.

How can I check my balance in TNT 5g?

Dial *123# You will be shown your load balance in real time and you will also receive a text message with your balance details.

How can I check my SIM card balance in dito?

How can I check my load balance with DITO STEP 1: Dial *185# STEP 2: Select 1 for DITO Account, then tap Send. STEP 3: Select 1 for Load Inquiry.

How do I check my TNT balance Related Questions

How do I check my Smart balance via text?

Perform balance inquiry by: Texting ? 1515 to 214 for free. Dialing *214# and press Call to receive load balance via text for free.

How do I check my prepaid WIFI balance?

You can also easily track your data balance by just going to the Prepaid Home Wifi dashboard through these easy steps: (1) connect to PLDT Home Prepaid Wifi; (2) visit; and (3) Click view balance.

What do you Call * 143?

*143# is a user-friendly self-service menu. This service allows you to get information on promos and offers, quickly and easily! It can also help you with basic account management, promo registrations, and other customer-friendly services without having to remember complex keywords or access numbers. Great!

How do I check my Smart Balance?

Russia started bombing Ukrainian cities at 5 am in morning. … How to check balance in Smart Dial *133# and press the call button. Select 3 (Load). Select 2 (CTC loading). Enter the 14-digit Call and Text card PIN.

What is the USSD code for smart?

Smart Prepaid users only need to remember to key in *121# on their mobile phones to check out and avail of existing prepaid services that suit their mobile lifestyle. Access to this service is free of charge.

How can I get free data using my TNT?

Get 30GB of FREE Data When You Upgrade Your Smart or TNT SIM to LTE Purchase an LTE-Ready Self-Service Upgrade SIM from Smart Stores and official retail partners for only 10 pesos. Using your current non-LTE SIM, text GET PIN and send it 7927 for free.

How do I know my TNT number?

Dial *121# (For Smart Only) This is a quick trick if you’re a Smart or TNT subscriber. Just dial *121# and select Balance/Services and then Check Balance. It will then show your Smart mobile number and your available load balance.

Does DITO SIM expire?

The SIM card shall expire if not activated within “1” year from purchase. The promo cannot be used in conjunction with any unlimited promo offers, discount available and other exclusive promo offers. The promo cannot be converted to cash, credit, or other goods and services of DITO.

What network is DITO SIM?

Unlike PLDT and Globe Telecom, DITO will not offer legacy networks 2G and 3G. Its SIM card will only work in 4G- and 5G-ready phones. But this should be considered good news. Globe, for instance, has started phasing out 3G consumer SIM cards across the market.

Does DITO have USSD code?

5) The DITO App 5.2 Features of the DITO App may also be accessed via Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) or quick codes using the phone call dialer on a mobile device.

How can I get free data on Smart?

They must register each day, by simply sending “FREE” to the number “9999.” Registration is free. They will receive an SMS confirmation upon successful registration. Once registered, subscribers can enjoy a free data volume package of up to 30MB per day.

How long does PasaLoad last?

The one-year validity period applies to regular load denominations only. Once a certain load amount is used to register to a promo/package or sent via PasaLoad, the validity period of that promo or PasaLoad transaction applies to the used amount.

How can I check WiFi usage on my phone?

Open Settings | Data Usage. From that window, tap the menu button (three vertical dots in the upper right corner) and tap Show Wi-Fi (Figure D). Once it’s enabled, you’ll see a Wi-Fi tab listed (Figure E)–tap on that tab, and you can view your Wi-Fi data usage in the same way as you can cellular usage.

What is prepaid WiFi number?

Your Prepaid Home WiFi number is located at the back of your modem.

How can I check my remaining data in Globe prepaid WiFi?

Just tap the “Go to Dashboard” button from your home screen. The Globe At Home Data Duck shows you your current data usage and total data allowance, in near-real time! Tap on the “View Details” option to see more details on your data usage.

What is TNT code?

Text PROMO CODE DESCRIPTION SEND TO TP10 Unlitext to TNT, Smart and Sun + 10 mins. Calls to TNT and Smart + 50 all net text 3545 TP20 Unlitext to TNT, Smart and Sun + 30 mins. Calls to TNT, Smart and Sun + Unlimited Facebook access 4545 TRI15 Unlitext to TNT, Smart and Sun + 10 mins. Calls to TNT and Smart 4545

How do I find my USSD code?

Here we are giving you USSD codes that gives information about your phone device. … Senior Java developer | Devops… Serial Description USSD Code 1 To Know IMEI Number of Android *#06# 2 GPS System Test *#*#1472365#*#* 3 Service For Google Talk *#*#1472365#*#* 4 Reset Factory Date *#*#8255#*#*

How do I dial USSD?

Dial **04* followed by the old PIN, then *, followed by the new PIN, then *, followed by the new PIN again, then #. For example, to change the PIN from 1234 to 4321, dial **04*1234*4321*4321#. Check information about your carrier, such as how much data you have left. This code will vary from carrier to carrier.

How can I check my balance in postpaid?

Alternatively, you can quickly check your postpaid balance by dialing the USSD code *142# directly from your phone app, free of charge.

How can I check my loading balance in Smart retailer SIM?

How to Check Your Load Balance through MySmart Head on to on your browser. Log in to your My Smart account. You’ll see your Prepaid Load balance on the Account Summary page. To view all balances, hover over My Account and select My Services and Usage. Then click on View Balances to see promo balance.

What network is * 121?

According to the communication network provider, “With the new short code, customers can access all the services on the network faster, activate and deactivate services as well as have unlimited access to the exclusive value offerings available.”

How do I get TNT from USC?

How do I activate my Smart/TNT MNP SIM? Insert your 5G-Ready Smart/TNT MNP SIM. You will receive this instruction via SMS: Open your phone’s dialer, and dial *123# Select “3. … Select “1. … For Postpaid, enter your Mobile Number and USC. For Prepaid, enter your Mobile Number, USC, then select the Brand that you’ve applied for.

What MMI code means?

Man Machine Interface code (Man Machine Interface code) A cellphone code that begins with a star/hash (*#) prefix. MMI codes are entered like telephone numbers to obtain a variety of information as well to enable and disable various actions. For example, entering *#06# on a GSM phone displays the model and serial number (see IMEI).

Does TNT have UNLI data?

UNLI data in TNT is a limited promo that is sometimes available by dialing *123# on your device. Registered GigaLife users can also register through the app if the promo is available. As of writing, UNLI data (5G) is only available for selected areas with 5G signals.

How do I load TNT?

If you have the app and a verified account, just tap on ‘Load’, select the load amount or promo, then add the recipient’s mobile number. You can also save some credits as the load and promos offered in Paymaya are discounted. And that’s it. We hope that this helped you send load or promos to Smart or TNT subscribers.

Is 4G and LTE is the same?

LTE, sometimes known as 4G LTE, is a type of 4G technology. Short for “Long Term Evolution”, it’s slower than “true” 4G, but significantly faster than 3G, which originally had data rates measured in kilobits per second, rather than megabits per second.

Can I upgrade my TNT SIM to LTE?

SMART/TNT SIM Purchase an LTE-Ready Self-Service Upgrade SIM from Smart Stores & official retail partners for only P10. 2. Using your current SIM, text GET PIN to 7927 for free. You’ll receive the UPGRADE CODE. Oct 1, 2018

How do I register double data in TNT?

How do I avail the offer? Download the app in the Play Store or App Store. Access the NEW GigaLife App. Go to ‘Double Giga’ in the menu. Look for ‘Giga Video’ and select preferred variant. Click SUBSCRIBE then YES to confirm registration.

What are the numbers of Talk N Text?

Mobile numbers of Talk ‘n Text start with these numbers/prefixes: 0907. 0909. 0910. 0912. 0918. 0930. 0938. 0946.

How do I check my SIM card number?

Finding the SIM number in Settings Open your Apps list and tap on Settings. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and press About. Tap Status. On some phones like HTCs, this may be called ‘Phone Identity’. Tap IMEI Information. Your SIM number will show as either the ‘IMSI’ number, or the ‘ICCID number’.

How do I check my SIM card network?

So today I am going to tell you All SIM Mobile Number Check on any network. … How To Check Own Mobile Number On Any Network. Jio Mobile Number Check USSD Code Calling number 1299 Idea Mobile number Check USSD Code 1311# | 121462# Vodafone Mobile Number Check USSD Code *199# BSNL Mobile number Check USSD Code *222# | *888# | *1# | *785# | *555#

Which is better Gomo or DITO?

If you’re in it for more perks, GOMO should somehow satisfy that need with their ‘Mo Creds, which you can convert to extra data allocation and SMS. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more affordable option, DITO with its PH99 data plan offer should be a practical choice.

How do I know if my SIM card is expired?

How to know if your Prepaid SIM Card expired? The easiest way to check the status of your prepaid sim card is by inserting your SIM to any mobile phones and if your prepaid SIM can still received signals or received a text message, your prepaid sim card should still valid.

Can DITO SIM call to other network?

Also, they currently offering two promos that you can register, DITO 99 and 25GB High-Speed Data. These promos will come with unlimited texts to all networks as well as unlimited DITO-to-DITO calls. It also includes 300-minute calls to other networks.

Who owns DITO SIM?

Dennis Uy Dito is 60% controlled by the group of Dennis Uy, a business owner and campaign donor to President Rodrigo Duterte, while state-backed China Telecom owns 40%.


Just like the SIM cards of other telcos, the DITO SIM cards come pre-cut to accommodate different sizes, but the DITO package comes with a free metal SIM ejector designed after the letter D in DITO. In addition, the SIM cards are 5G-ready and use the 0991 prefix.

Who made DITO SIM?

Dito Telecommunity Formerly Mindanao Islamic Telephone Company (1998–2019) Products Call and Text messaging services, Mobile internet Revenue PH₱100.38 million (2021) Net income PH₱100.45 million (2021) Owner Dito CME Holdings Corporation (60%) China Telecommunications Corporation (40%) 8 more rows

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