What is Globe app? Quick Guide 2022

So, What is Globe app?

With the new GlobeOne app, you can now monitor your Globe Postpaid, Globe Prepaid/TM, Home Prepaid WiFi, and Rewards! Your digital companion made it easy for you to do more with your accounts in just one tap! View and manage multiple accounts in one app.

How can I get Globe app?

Download the GlobeOne app from Google Play or App Store. Register and sign in using your email or social media accounts. Nominate a six-digit pin to secure the app. If your device has biometrics, enable it for faster and easier access.

How can I download Globe At Home?

Step 1: Go to the Apple App store (for Apple devices on iOS 8 and up) or Android Play Store (for smartphones (version 4.2 and up). Step 2: Search for “”Globe At Home”” and then click “”Download”” or “”Install”” to download the Globe At Home app on your device.

What is Globe app

How can I check my balance in Globe app?

Check Globe balance by texting 8080 Step 1: Open your phone’s SMS app and create a message. Step 2: In the recipient tab type 8080 then type Bal if you want to check the status of your combo promos. To check your remaining data, you can type Data bal and click send.

How can I share 1gb data in Globe?

Just follow these steps: Text to 2 + 10-digit prepaid number of the recipient. For example: Text <100> to 29151234567. Wait for the text message asking if you want to proceed with the transaction with a ±1 charge. Reply with YES within five (5) minutes. Wait to receive the confirmation message.

How can I get unlimited Globe?

Text GoUNLI30 to 8080 for unlimited calls and texts to all networks + 100 MB for 2 days. You can also check out our subscription guide for Globe promos.

How can I create my Globe account at home?

For Globe At Home users: Download and Open the New GlobeOne app. Tap the Add + account button. Choose the BROADBAND then enter Globe At Home Postpaid number or account number. Tap the Next to proceed. Select the mode of verification.

How do I log into my Globe WiFi at home?

Go to and log in using your username and password, which are at the back of your modem. On the “Advanced” tab, select “WiFi”, then “WiFi Security Settings”. … Enter the desired name and password for your Home Prepaid WiFi and click Save.

How can I check my data balance in Globe postpaid?

Simply dial *143#, select MyAccount, and select Mobile Internet Usage to see how many GB or MB you have left. The general rule for saving cellular data is this: if there’s wifi, use it. It’s likely that you have wifi access to connect to at home and work.

How can I check my SIM balance?

Prepaid – Account Balance Type *125# and press dial. The balance should reflect on the screen. SMS BALANCE to 1250. Dial 1250. Follow the instructions to know your balance.

Can I transfer my Globe data to another number?

To avail either of the latest features, customers must enroll to GoSURF Share & Rollover by calling 730-1000 or visiting the nearest Globe store to make the changes in the account.

How do I share data to another number?

There are different ways to share data with a friend. You can send 10 MB by entering *141*712*11*phone number#. If you want to send 25 MB, you can dial *141*712*9*phone number#. In case you would like to send 60 MB, then you can enter *141*712*4*phone number#.

How do I register SURF4ALL99?

You can register to SURF4ALL99 by dialing the Globe USSD code *143# and navigating to Surf4All > Surf4All 99 > Subscribe. Make sure that you have at least ₱99 load balance to subscribe to the promo.

How many GB is Gosurf 999?

10 GB 11 GB Surf Longer With Our Better GoSURF Packs KEYWORD DATA ALLOCATION TOTAL DATA GOSURF 999 10 GB 11 GB GOSURF 1299 15 GB 16 GB GOSURF 1999 30 GB 31 GB GOSURF 2499 50 GB 51 GB

What is the UNLI internet in Globe?

Go Unli is the ultimate unlimited data offering that allows customers to stream video, play music and games without having to worry about lock-up period, data capping, and speed throttling. Go Unli works for all legal sites to make sure that Globe and its customers participate in making the internet safe for everyone.

How can I get free data on Globe?

How do I avail of the SIM freebies? Just insert the new Globe Prepaid 5G SIM in your new device and do the following: Welcome Freebie: Avail via the New GlobeOne app or by texting FREE to 8080. New GlobeOne Freebie: You will automatically receive this when you claim the Welcome Freebie via the app.

Why I cant open my Globe At Home app?

If you have problems opening the Globe At Home app or encounter some other problems with the app crashing, please try to uninstall and reinstall the Globe At Home app.

What is Globe username and password?

The default username is œuser and the default password is @l03e1t3. In many cases, you can see this at the back of your Globe at Home device. You will need these login details to access your router’s gateway. That’s it!

What is the default username and password for Globe At Home?

Step 2: Enter your Globe at Home dashboard username and password. The default username is user and the password is @l03e1t3. If you forgot your password, you will have to reset the modem and login using the default password.

How do I log into my Globe account?

STEP 1: Type 192.168. 254.254 on your web browser. STEP 2: Log in with the credentials on your modem. STEP 3: Select WLAN or WiFi and choose 2.4 GHZ or 5 GHZ.

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